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Seamless Eclipse Integration

No more tedious DICOM export/import required for plan evaluation. Instantaneous dose constraint and plan check results without ever leaving the Eclipse Treatment Planning System.

DICOM files being thrown in the garbage

Automate Constraint Checks

Icon of a graph line with letter V

Volume Constraint
Min Volume Spared
Min Volume Constraint

Icon of a graph line with a letter D

Dose Constraint

Icon of a graph line with mean icon in the center

Max Dose
Min Dose
Mean Dose

Icon of two concentric circles

Conformity Index
Paddick Conformity Index
Gradient Index

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Dose Spillage Outside Structure

Icon of two different size circles next to each other

Hot Spot Outside Structure

Automate Essential Documentation

Easily solidify documentation to support IMRT planning charges and comply with the ACR–ASTRO Practice Parameter For IMRT.

Monitor with dose constraints displayed

Automate Plan Checks

Easily input department plan check standards and identify deviations in your patient's treatment plan.

Monitor with plan checks displayed

ClearCheck is FDA 510(k) Cleared!

Simple Subscription Pricing

Simple pricing scheme based on the number of Eclipse workstations you would like the software to run on.

$500 per Eclipse Non-Calculation Workstation per year
$1500 per Eclipse Calculation Workstation per year
$3000 per Eclipse Citrix Server per year

Contact us for a quote or enterprise pricing.

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