Intelligent Automation
in Cancer Care

Automation software that enables cancer clinics to do more in less time. Transform your department with increased plan quality, safety, and efficiency.

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The Radformation Mission

Automation from Start to Finish

Keeping up with challenging plans, documentation, and urgent demands can distract from treating patients. This is why our founders, a team of clinical physicists, came together—to develop a better way.

Radformation Contour with AutoContour


Automatically contour over 80 structures

Radformation Plan with EZFluence


Automatically generate 3D plans

Radformation Check with ClearCheck and ClearCalc


Automated plan evaluation and independent dose calculation

Radformation Treat with QuickCode and ChartCheck


Automated treatment evaluation and billing QA

Automation at Every step

Streamline your Clinical Workflow

From planning and documentation to billing and beyond, Radformation eases resource strains and increases precision in all stages of the treatment planning workflow. Our auto-checking and auto-planning tools are user-friendly, clinically relevant, and seamlessly integrate with Eclipse TPS.



Automated Contouring Software

  • Automated OAR contouring in seconds
  • Over 80 different structure models
  • One-click planning structure generation
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Automated 3D Planning Software

  • Automated FiF/eComp planning
  • 3 & 4 field breast planning
  • 3D billing justification plans
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One-Click Plan Evaluation Software

  • Over 90 plan checks
  • One-click printing and reporting
  • Dose constraint checks
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Independent Calculation Software

  • Photons
  • Electrons
  • Brachytherapy
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Automated Treatment Evaluation

  • Over 35 weekly checks
  • Continuous 24/7 treatment monitoring
  • Instant alerts for failing checks
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Automated Billing QA Software

  • Catch missed or incorrect charges
  • Customize billing templates
  • Standardize billing procedures
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tried, tested, and proven

Used Daily in Thousands of Clinics Around the World

Through intelligent automation, we’re helping the hardest working cancer clinics ensure their patients receive the safest, highest quality, and most efficient treatment possible, no matter where they are.

The automation of menial, but by no means trivial, tasks in the radiation clinic is among the best things we can do for improving radiation plans for patients, and the cost/benefit for doing so is very high compared to many other options we usually have in this so far technically-driven field.

[Radformation] innovates creatively to support treatment planning and clinical workflow with solutions which are efficient, straightforward, transparent, and visually succinct. Most importantly, they do this in a clinically relevant way.

On behalf of the entire Medical Physics community, keep up the good work. Thank you for developing a product that ACTUALLY helps clinical physicists.

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