A Team on a Mission

Radformation's goal is to help cancer patients receive treatment faster with safer, smarter radiation treatment plans. Our team brings together individuals with dynamic backgrounds to empower patients and improve their treatment experience. Bringing automation to healthcare can be difficult and we are up for the challenge.


What We Do

Our founders were physicists in cancer centers when they identified issues of the time-consuming, error-prone treatment planning workflow. They left the clinic to create their dream products: software to automate and optimize radiation therapy. Our team's clinical experience and unique skills have led to the creation of useful, efficient solutions for cancer treatment.

Using intelligent automation, our tools standardize and speed up the treatment planning process to create high-quality radiation plans, reduce human error, and get the patient to treatment faster. Our software helps clinics support higher patient throughput, save money, and make treatment planning safe.


Why We Do It

Cancer rates are increasing year after year, but high-quality care is not accessible everywhere. By automating and standardizing the treatment planning workflow, we aim to create a system where any patient, anywhere in the world will receive the same high-quality care.


Meet our Leaders

Kurt Sysock, MMP, DABR

CEO, cofounder

Alan Nelson, DMP, DABR

CSO, cofounder

Elisabeth Van Wie, MS, DABR

CBO, cofounder


We're looking for driven, ambitious individuals to join our fast growing team. Check out our current opportunities on the careers page.




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