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Independent calculation in seconds

Independent plan calculations can be a time consuming and error prone process as radiation oncology grows in complexity. ClearCalc, an independent calculation software, efficiently validates plan accuracy. Eclipse users save time with direct plan import—eliminating the need to import/export plan data—and those without Eclipse can export DICOM files with the standalone option.

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ClearCalc to Clearcheck

Documenting results is effortless

Include ClearCalc results in ClearCheck plan reports with one-click.

Simplify your workflow

  • 1 Run ClearCalc
  • 2 Click Save
  • Results automatically appended to ClearCheck report

Other Independent Calculation Software

  • 1 DICOM export plan
  • 2 Open external software to review results
  • 3 Save to PDF
  • 4 Open ClearCheck report
  • 5 Click "Add PDF"
  • 6 Click generated 2nd check PDF to merge into ClearCheck report

Integrated automation

  • Full integration with Eclipse—no DICOM-transfer needed
  • Automatic optimal calculation point selector saves time
  • Accepts DICOM imports from multiple TPS vendors for flexibility in mixed environments
  • Supports 3D, IMRT, VMAT, SBRT, brachytherapy, electrons, and more in a single solution

A versatile solution for multiple modalities



  • Includes support for 3DCRT, IMRT, VMAT, SBRT, SRS and virtual wedges
  • Automatically selects an appropriate calculation point or manually select a different point directly within ClearCalc
  • Finite size pencil beam algorithm for fast, accurate calculations


  • Uses AAPM TG-43 calculation methods
  • Calculates and displays incoming reference points
  • Displays applicators, dwell positions, and dwell times


  • Uses the formalism of AAPM TG-71
  • Option to validate dose to either a prescribed isodose or a calculation point
  • Enter cutout factor manually or use sector integration method for automatic cutout factor calculation

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    How can ClearCalc help your department?

    By consolidating all safety and plan quality checks to one platform, ClearCalc gives clinicians confidence in their final treatment plan while saving them time.

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