Photon Calculation Algorithm

Electron Calculation Algorithm

Proton Calculation Algorithm

Photon Dose Grid Size

Electron Dose Grid Size

Proton Dose Grid Size

Photon Heterogeneity

CT Slice Thickness

Maximum Number of CT Slices in 3D Image

Support Structure Treatment Couch Inserted

Couch Support Structure(s) Inserted

Structure Sampling Coverage

Structure Dose Coverage

Leaf Motion Calculator (LMC) Algorithm

IMRT LMC Efficiency

Gantry Angle IEC 180E or Varian 0E

Gantry Angles are Integers

Optimal Gantry Angles

Minimum Field Size of X or Y Jaw

Minimum MU for an Enhanced Dynamic Wedge Field

Minimum MU for a Field in Field Segment or Static MLC Field

Maximum MU for the specified Treatment Technique

Maximum Arc Field Size

Rounded Field Size

Isocenter(s) are Integers

Isocenter(s) are (0,0,0)

Isocenter(s) Constancy

Table Coordinates are not empty

Reference Point Locations

Structure HU Override

Bolus Linked

Machine Constancy

Technique Constancy

Dose Rate Constancy

Field Id Label

Course Id Label

Plan Id Label