EZFluence Software

Yes! EZFluence will generate either optimal fluences or field in field segments. The user specifies the minimum number of monitor units per field segment and maximum number of field segments for field in field plans.

EZFluence generates optimal fluence files or field in field plans that you can then import into Eclipse. Eclipse will execute its Leaf Motion Calculator (LMC) to convert the optimal fluence into a deliverable dynamic MLC plan (just as it would if you had used the built-in "Irregular Surface Compensator").

Yes! EZFluence allows you to have any number of higher energy beams, though in its current version it will automatically generate optimal fluences only for the 2 opposing tangent fields having the lowest energy (meaning the higher energy beams remain open fields). While this approach reduces high energy MU, some clinics have requested the option of modulating both low and high energy fields, and this feature is actively being developed.

Yes, in EZFluence you can increase or reduce dose by interacting directly with the dose distribution or the fluence map itself. Edits made near the edge of the field are automatically projected out into the flash region so you don't have to fix the flash manually.

Yes, EZFluence preserves your static MLC blocks in the resulting optimal fluence automatically.

EZFluence takes the fluence intensities nearest the edge of the patient and automatically projects them out into the flash region.