For Diagnostic Departments

Access all your Machine QC data on a streamlined, cloud-based platform to perform, review, and track multiple QC data streams all at once. Automatically upload your data for any Diagnostic Machine QC test or complete a customized checklist right in your browser.

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A Multidisciplinary QC Platform

Gone are the days of scattered spreadsheets and siloed data. RadMachine meets all your QC needs in a simple, centralized hub.

RadMachine - Multidisciplinary QC


  • Daily, Weekly, Annual Checklists
  • ACR MRI Phantom Image Analysis


  • Daily, Weekly, Annual Checklists
  • ACR CT Phantom Image Analysis


  • Annual Survey
  • Semi-annual QC Tests
  • Transducer Inventory Management


  • X-ray
  • Portables
  • Fluoroscopy


  • Constancy Tests
  • PET Phantom Testing
  • CT/Detector Checks


  • Phantom Control Chart
  • Daily, Weekly Checklists
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual Tests
  • MQSA Checklists

Nuclear Medicine

  • Dose Calibrator QC
  • Well-Counter Constancy
  • Annual Equipment Evaluation

Ancillary Equipment

  • Survey Meters
  • Shielding Tests
  • and more...


  • Intraoral x-ray units
  • Panoramic x-ray units
  • CBCT units
RadMachine in the Cloud

Cloud-Based, Browser-Centered

Access your data where you want it, whenever you need it, right in your browser.

Machine QC Consolidation Sees A New Day

Capture and analyze daily, weekly, monthly, and annual Linac Machine QA data in keeping with ACR, MQSA, AAPM, Joint Commission, and more recommendations. RadMachine is flexible and able to accommodate all of your existing workflows and safety checklists.

Customizable Safety Checklists

Perform and review all of your QC to satisfy ACR, AAPM, MQSA, and Joint Commission recommendations.

Built-in Scheduling

Users have optimal visibility of upcoming and completed QA tasks. Customized schedules ensure a standardized QA process for each machine, test, and center.


Generate instant reports for ACR, accreditation, inspections, and all of your checklists at scheduled intervals or created ad hoc.

Trending and Comparison

Compare data trends to other machines for a complete picture. Easily review historical data trends to provide at-a-glance insights into machine and device performance over time.

Your Data, Your Way

No two radiology departments or imaging centers are exactly alike. Whether you cover one department or twenty centers, RadMachine allows for complete customization to fit the unique needs of each and every unique set up.

Safety Focused

Safety Focused

Ensure patient safety is at the forefront by utilizing built-in email notifications about tests at warning or action levels across multiple sites.

Testing Flexibility

Testing Flexibility

Schedule testing and reminders for any QA frequency, and leverage custom templates and tolerances. The sky's the limit with full integrated Python scripting capabilities.

Backend Configuration

Backend Configuration

Built-in administration allows for careful crafting of user permissions and assignments. Set completion or failure notifications to stay up-to-date on QA task status and progress.

Be Audit Ready

No more spreadsheets. No more relying on multiple QC tools for different tasks. RadMachine meets all your physics QC needs in one platform.

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