Radformation and Videra Surgical Collaborate to Improve Post-Surgical Radiation Therapy

Radformation Inc and Videra Surgical are pleased to announce a collaboration integrating Videra Surgical’s VeraForm® tumor bed marker and Radformation’s AI-driven AutoContour® Software.

September 27, 2022 - New York, NY

Following a lumpectomy, surgical clips are commonly placed to identify the residual tumor bed to aid post-surgical radiation therapy, often delivered weeks after surgery. However, due to conventional imaging and variability often present with surgical clips, identifying and contouring the tumor bed can sometimes be imprecise during treatment planning.

The VeraForm radiopaque, continuous, three-dimensional multi-planar tissue marker can be identified on conventional planning CT images to delineate the tumor bed precisely. When used in conjunction with AutoContour, users are provided with a variety of contouring tools and automated workflows to quickly detect and contour VeraForm. AutoContour generates AI-driven contours for organs at risk, nodal regions in the head, thorax, and pelvis, and automates multiple boolean operations to generate planning volumes to deliver the exact targeting necessary for accurate and effective radiation therapy.

"Videra is committed to forming best-in-class collaborations to further our Women's Health Initiative’s to optimize the standard of care for patients and accelerate the workflow for often time-consuming steps that may impede patient treatment," said Joe Guido, Chief Executive Officer of Videra Surgical. "AutoContour allows VeraForm users to create consistent high-quality contours, and we look forward to applying that standardization to advance the clinical applications of VeraForm.“

“Our collaboration with Videra represents an exciting advancement in localization, visualization and contouring of the treatment bed that could help patients and their physicians achieve positive radiation therapy outcomes.“ said Joe Ianni, Chief Revenue Officer at Radformation. “We anticipate applying Radformation’s automated workflow to additional disease sites as the use of the Videra marker expands.”

VeraForm and AutoContour will be showcased during the 2022 American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX, from October 23rd to the 25th. Attendees are invited to visit Radformation at booth 3001 and Videra at booth 2798 for more information and a demonstration of the integration in action.

About Videra Surgical

Videra Surgical is an oncology surgery company focused on breast cancer treatment. Videra Surgical strongly believes that helping radiation oncologists better identify the tumor bed is essential for the continuum of care for these patients.
Videra Surgical developed and commercialized VeraForm®, an adaptable tissue marker comprised of a radiopaque filament that provides a continuous, three-dimensional, multi-planar, and permanent mark of a tumor bed. VeraForm is FDA 510(k) cleared and has been placed in thousands of patients in a rapidly growing number of centers in the United States. Visit www.viderasurgical.com to learn more.

About Radformation

Radformation is committed to improving the lives of clinicians by delivering user-friendly products developed to increase the safety and quality of cancer treatment. Radformation envisions a radiation oncology clinic where staff are armed with solutions that supplement their expertise and automate tedious tasks, leading to better patient care everywhere. Since its founding in 2016, Radformation has grown to serve over 1,300 clinics around the world with a portfolio of products streamlining all stages of the treatment planning workflow. For more information, visit radformation.com and follow on Twitter @Radformation.

Melanie Benton
Director of Marketing, Radformation

Joe Guido
CEO & Founder, Videra Surgical