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EZFluence Case Study

A department in the Northeast leveraged the power of automation using EZFluence for 3D planning, showing dramatic time savings after software implementation.

University of Zurich EZFluence Case Study

The University of Zurich investigated EZFluence in an effort to streamline 3D planning in their department. The study found worthwhile improvements in time savings, plan coverage, and reductions in hot spot volumes.

EZFluence White Paper

In this white paper, we discuss a new standard of treatment planning for field-in-field and ECOMP planning, one that removes the previously frustrating manual steps of the planning process.

Stony Brook EZFluence Case Study

In a study investigating the use of EZFluence software for simplifying breast planning, the group at Stony Brook University Hospital showed an impressive reduction in time savings in addition to other benefits.

UCSD EZFluence Case Study

In an attempt to streamline their breast planning workflow, the University of California San Diego (USCD) assessed the efficacy of EZFluence as a solution for automating 3D planning.

NEOK EZFluence Case Study

Northeast Oklahoma Cancer used
EZFluence to simplify 3D field-in-field and electronic compensator (ECOMP) planning for flattening filter free beams using the Varian Halcyon linac.

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