Upcoming Webinar
Automate Treatment Planning to Save Time and Increase Accuracy in the Clinic

Tuesday, September 8 at 12:00 p.m. GMT

Join Radformation as we review best practices for automation in radiation oncology, and how intelligent automation saves clinicians time and minimizes the risk of errors.


Program Agenda
Tyler Blackwell, MS, DABR 
Opening remarks and welcome

Kurt Sysock, MMP, DABR
Radformation’s co-founder and CEO will discuss the latest recommendations regarding routine physics checks and the role of automation in improving patient safety and quality in radiation oncology. He’ll provide an overview of Radformation’s suite of automation tools currently available to streamline clinical workflows. 

David Cameron, MS, DABR
David Cameron, chief of medical physics and vice president at Hannleb Physics, works hard to make his busy department as efficient as possible. He’ll present the steps he has taken to simplify plan review and reporting for increased safety and improved quality using ClearCheck.

Christine Gnaster, MS, DABR
Chrstine will demonstrate how ClearCalc, Radformation’s secondary dose calculation software, further streamlines plan evaluation and documentation. 

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