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In cancer clinics, the dosimetry schedule is filled with unpredictable moments and competing priorities. Keeping up with challenging plans, documentation, and urgent demands distracts from what matters most. This is why our founders, a team of clinical physicists, developed EZFluence.

EZFluence generates 3D plans in one click and works for any beam arrangement and any treatment site from head to toe. It standardizes field-in-field planning regardless of user while maintaining or improving plan quality compared to manual techniques, enabling dosimetrists to ensure patients receive the safest, highest quality, and most efficient treatment possible.


Automatically generate high quality field-in-field or electronic compensator plans that integrate seamlessly with Varian Eclipse TPS. EZFluence is a relief valve for dosimetrists, saving time on otherwise demanding plans.

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“The time used to create tangent plans using EZFluence is reduced by 86.4%, from an average of 25.6 minutes with FiF technique to an average of 3.7 minutes using the EZFluence software.”
Instant plan generation allows for a fast turnaround to approve plans. The Department of Radiation Medicine and Applied Sciences at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) conducted a study using Radformation’s EZFluence. They found that, overall, EZFluence produced eComp plans with improved coverage, dosimetric homogeneity, and MU efficiency in comparison to the manually-edited plans. Additionally, the time needed was significantly decreased. The study showed that “the conventional treatment planning process took 4-5 days on average from CT import to physician plan approval. The new automated method of creating and choosing a clinically acceptable plan took an average of 6 minutes.” UCSD concluded that “the speed of planning and consistent plan quality are the strongest features of EZFluence. This technology may be able to significantly reduce the time and resources required to produce high quality whole breast plans and facilitate an accelerated, efficient treatment planning workflow.”

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