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In cancer clinics, the dosimetry schedule is filled with unpredictable moments and competing priorities. Keeping up with challenging plans, documentation, and urgent demands distracts from what matters most. This is why our founders, a team of clinicians, developed ClearCheck.

Get instantaneous dose constraints, structure checks, prescription checks, collision checks, and plan check results without ever leaving the Eclipse Treatment Planning System, enabling you to ensure patients receive the safest, highest quality, and most efficient treatment possible.


With ClearCheck, dosimetrists can quickly and easily evaluate and compare Eclipse treatment plans, saving time and creating better plans. Best of all, ClearCheck is fully integrated and runs entirely within the Eclipse Treatment Planning System.

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“Radformation innovates creatively to support treatment planning and clinical workflow with solutions which are efficient, straightforward, transparent, and visually succinct. Most importantly, they do this in a clinically relevant way.”
Radformation’s ClearCheck Software saves, on average, 30 minutes per patient during plan evaluation process. Thomas Jefferson University Department of Radiation Oncology’s Study concluded that “single manual iteration of dosimetric plan evaluation for H&N, prostate, and SBRT lung cases without ClearCheck took an average of 8.1±1.3, 5.6±0.9, and 6.5±0.7 minutes, respectively,” and that “ClearCheck displays the dosimetric indices instantaneously.” The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute at Wayne State University published a study in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology showing that ClearCheck offered “the ability to evaluate all planning goals simultaneously during plan creation [resulting] in more efficient plan optimization and realization of planning goals.” Automation of this process facilitated an increase in the number of constraints evaluated in each plan while simultaneously saving an average of 4.3 minutes per plan optimization.

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