June 9, 2020
Upcoming Webinar: ClearCalc Under the Hood
The algorithms behind the independent calculation software
Wednesday, June 24 at 12:00pm ET

Join us for a peek under the hood at what drives ClearCalc’s independent secondary calculation software. We will reveal the details of how the software calculates dose for each of the calculation modules. We will also discuss a novel method for reference point selection and an automation workspace for calculation point analysis.

In this webinar, Radformation Product Manager Christine Gnaster, MS, DABR will go into detail on:

  • Finite-sized pencil beam photon algorithm and how it compares to other commercially available calculation algorithms
  • Calculation protocols relevant to electron and brachytherapy applications, including TG-71 and TG-43
  • A novel secondary dose hybrid reference point selection system

This webinar is intended for radiation therapy physicists and dosimetrists with an interest in understanding the algorithms and process behind ClearCalc’s automated secondary calculation modules.

We’ve applied for 1.0 CAMPEP and MDCB credits for this webinar (1 hour). Only ClearCalc and ClearCheck users are eligible for CAMPEP credits. Email tkohler@radformation.com if you have questions regarding credits.


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