August 19, 2019
UCSD Finds Improved Plan Quality and Time Savings With EZFluence

The Department of Radiation Medicine and Applied Sciences at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) conducted a study using Radformation’s EZFluence that was presented at AAPM’s 2019 Annual Meeting. The study observes the plan quality and time needed for whole breast 3D conformal radiation therapy plans when using EZFluence in comparison to the conventional manual method.

35 tangent eComp plans (15 following RTOG 1005 protocol, 20 non-protocol) were manually planned in Varian’s Eclipse Treatment Planning System and were then re-planned using Radformation’s automated 3D planning software, EZFluence.

Overall, EZFluence produced eComp plans with improved coverage, dosimetric homogeneity, and MU efficiency in comparison to the manually-edited plans. Additionally, the time needed was significantly decreased. The study showed that “the conventional treatment planning process took 4-5 days on average from CT import to physician plan approval. The new automated method of creating and choosing a clinically acceptable plan took an average of 6 minutes.” (Dragojevic, et al)

Because EZFluence is able to generate multiple plan options in less than a minute, UCSD was able to evaluate a new workflow where the physician chooses and approves a plan with the dosimetrist in one step. This new workflow removes the need for the back-and-forth process of reviewing and editing the plan over multiple days. Instant plan generation allows for a fast turnaround to approve plans.

UCSD concluded that “the speed of planning and consistent plan quality are the strongest features of EZFluence. This technology may be able to significantly reduce the time and resources required to produce high quality whole breast plans and facilitate an accelerated, efficient treatment planning workflow.”

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