CASE STUDY / ClearCheck
University of California San Diego
How we evaluate and report patient treatment plans in radiation oncology is changing. ClearCheck meets clinical demands to streamline these efforts, improving the quality of clinical outputs and saving departments time.

In an evaluation of their department’s plan reporting, The University of California San Diego (UCSD) compared their current methods to ClearCheck’s customizable and automated report templates. Their results, which were published in the 2020 ASTRO Annual Meeting proceedings, concluded that leveraging automation for plan documentation produces standardized and clinically relevant documentation. In addition, there was a substantial reduction in the overall time required for the plan reporting tasks.

Download the case study to see how creating custom plan reports with ClearCheck saves time in droves compared to manual methods.

“ClearCalc’s Finite Size Pencil Beam (FSPB) algorithm returns excellent agreement across a wide range of plans, from deceptively simple, yet challenging plans to very complex, highly modulated plans delivering dose to a target surrounded by sensitive critical structures.”

– Northeastern Oklahoma Cancer Institute

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