February 11, 2019
EZFluence Reduces Breast Planning Time by 85%

 ANNOUNCING: Radformation’s EZFluence software proven to reduce time spent creating tangent plans by 85%.

The Department of Radiation Oncology at Stony Brook University Hospital conducted a study (found here) that compared commonly used Field-in-Field (FiF) technique with EZFluence, Radformation’s 3D planning software for irradiation of the breast. The study analyzes the time spent for planning, the total Monitor Units (MU), dose uniformity, and the dose to the heart, lung, and other organs at risk.

The study concluded that the time spent creating tangent plans was reduced by 84.6%. The average of 25.6 minutes with FiF technique was reduced to an average of 3.7 minutes with EZFluence software.

For the FiF technique, the planner manually created between two to four subfields per gantry angle to generate a homogeneous dose distribution. For the EZFluence technique, optimal fluence patterns were automatically generated with EZFluence software. Final dose calculations were completed in Eclipse TPS.

The manual FiF plans and EZFluence plans were compared in Eclipse. The plans were normalized so that 95% of the breast PTV received at least 95% of the prescription dose. While the dose to the organs at risk (OARs) were comparable between the manual and automatic techniques, EZFluence was able to reduce the PTV volume receiving 105% of the prescription dose (V105) for larger breasted patients. Patients with separations greater than 22 cm and PTV volumes greater than 650 cc benefited from EZFluence due to a lower V105 on average by 4.6%.

EZFluence Plan

Field-in-Field Plan

Stony Brook University concluded that “The EZFluence planning technique yielded the overall comparable or improved dosimetry while significantly reducing planning time… Our results show that the EZFluence planning technique is the more efficient technique that requires the least planning time while delivering comparable dose to the target volume and limiting dose to the OARs… EZFluence is a better option when comparing to FiF technique in terms of time required for planning while generating a plan that is comparable in all the dose parameters.” (Yoder et al. 1-4)


Note to readers: This study was completed using EZFluence v1.1. Radformation has since released v1.2 that includes automated Field-in-Field planning.

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Yoder, T., Hsia, A. T., Xu, Z., Stessin, A., & Ryu, S. (2019). Usefulness of EZFluence software for radiotherapy planning of breast cancer treatment. Medical Dosimetry, 1-5. doi:10.1016/j.meddos.2018.12.001