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It’s great to be here together at the 2021 Annual ASTRO Meeting! Visit Radformation at booth 875 to see the latest in cutting-edge clinical automation—from intelligent AI contours to automated billing QA and beyond.

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Visit us at booth 875 to hear from a variety of Radformation in-house clinical experts as well as guest speakers and product users. Learn about the latest new features and ask our users anything.



AutoContour Presentations

See AutoContour in action along with a user presentation.

Speakers: Kevin Tierney, David Blaich, Michael Niebanck

Credits:  0.5 CAMPEP & MDCB applied for

9 AM:  (available all week)


QuickCode Presentations

See QuickCode in action along with a user presentation.

Speakers:  Bradley Rauschenbach, Alice Cheung

Credits:  0.5 ASRT, CAMPEP, & MDCB applied for

9 AM:  (available all week)


Radformation Game Show

Tune in to watch the Radformation team battle it out in a game of radiation oncology-themed Pyramid.

1:30 PM:  (available all week)




ChartCheck Presentations

See ChartCheck in action along with a user presentation.

Speakers:  Andrew Jensen, David Cameron

Credits:  0.5 CAMPEP & MDCB applied for

9 AM:  (available all week)

Coffee & Credits

See the latest from the Radformation automation suite and receive a $10 gift card for coffee.

Speakers:  Kurt Sysock, Jeremy Hoisak

Credits:  1.0 CAMPEP, MDCB, & ASRT

1 – 2 PM:  LIVE




ClearCheck & ClearCalc Presentations

See ClearCheck & ClearCalc in action along with a user success story.

Speakers: Scott Yakoubian, Michael Johnson, Christine Gnaster

Credits:  0.5 CAMPEP & MDCB applied for

9 AM:  (available all week)


Rad Onc Scripting Webinar

Learn about radiation oncology scripting at our in-depth webinar. Basic scripting experience recommended.

Speaker:  Carlos Anderson

Credits:  1.0 CAMPEP & MDCB

1 – 2 PM:  LIVE


Streamlining Workflows From Start to Finish


A New Standard for AI Contouring
Instantly generates high-quality contours for 60+ models
Advanced contouring tools make edits easy when needed
Seamless integration with Eclipse, as well as DICOM compatible


The Leading Billing QA Software

Instantly identifies extraneous and absent charges

Saves time and simplifies the complex billing workflow

Recovers lost revenue and ensures appropriate compensation

ClearCheck & ClearCalc 2.0

Ask us About the New Versions Coming Soon
ClearCalc 2.0 supports new machines, modalities, and treatment planning systems
Advanced contouring tools make edits easy when needed
ClearCheck 2.0 now has over 100 in-depth plan checks

“Radformation innovates creatively to support treatment planning and clinical workflow with solutions which are efficient, straightforward, transparent, and visually succinct. Most importantly, they do this in a clinically relevant way.”

Used by Thousands of Clinics Across the World

Thousands of the hardest working clinics across the world use our software solutions daily to achieve greater efficiency, safety, and accuracy. Schedule a demo with one of our clinical specialists to see how Radformation software can seamlessly fit into your workflow for a new standard of care.

We hope to see you at our booth at ASTRO 2021! For more information and product materials visit

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