Northeast Oklahoma Cancer Institute

With new technologies come new challenges. Recently released to the worldwide radiation oncology market, the Varian Halcyon machine comes equipped with a single, unflattened 6FFF beam. While the unflattened beam can accelerate treatment with higher dose rates, it can make 3D treatment planning more demanding.

Download the case study from Northeast Oklahoma Cancer to reveal the advantages of using EZFluence to simplify 3D field-in-field and electronic compensator (ECOMP) planning for flattening filter free beams using the Varian Halcyon linac.

“While it’s tempting to hawk only the cost-savings aspect of EZFluence, perhaps the more important point is that our dosimetrist can now devote more time to other, more demanding and complex treatment planning techniques for difficult treatments. The end result is fewer touch points in the creation of our plans and the enhanced ability to handle ‘overflow’ situations.”

– Jennifer Fisher, Medical Physicist at Northeast Oklahoma Cancer Institute

Up To 90% Time Savings Using Varian's Halcyon

Cost Savings & Higher Patient Throughput


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